They make me feel like family . . .

Homelessness and hunger are on the rise this Christmas season. Huge numbers of families and individuals like Ronald are turning to Scott Mission for meals and so much more.

“I was worried . . . I needed food and a place to stay,” Ronald says, remembering the bitter cold day he arrived in Toronto. “Without Scott Mission, I don’t think I would have found shelter.”

But a kind soul saw the worry in Ronald’s eyes and directed him to a special place where food, help, and hope are always available. Still, he was a little concerned about what he might find when he stepped through the Mission doors . . .

“Scott Mission is a welcoming place,” Ronald says with a smile. “This is my first experience with a shelter, and it’s nice. They make me feel like family.”

The warm welcome Ronald received came with a good hot meal and lots of other support, too, so he could get the help he needed to find work and live independently. Deeply grateful, Ronald vowed he would give back to help others as he has been helped.

“I want to thank everyone who supports Scott Mission because without their services, people wouldn’t get the help they need.”

“I help out in the kitchen to show my appreciation,” he says. “I don’t have much, but I wanted to give back to Scott Mission because they have been good to me. I even did a course and got a certificate for safe food handling.”

This Christmas will be filled with joy for Ronald as he looks to the bright future ahead. “Previously, I studied social work and community development, and I hope to continue in the same line of service.”

Ronald wants Scott Mission’s supporters to know how appreciated they are. “I want to thank everyone who supports Scott Mission because without their services, people wouldn’t get the help they need.”

Please make a gift now to ensure the Mission can help people like Ronald who are going through a difficult time and just need help getting back on their feet.

Share Meals, Help, and Hope This Christmas Season

Facing homelessness, Ronald found the support he needed at Scott Mission. He thanks you for your gifts of meals, help, and hope that made all the difference for him during a difficult time.

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