Second Chances

How a Warm Meal Became Roger's Lifeline

One moment Roger was hard at work. The next moment, his livelihood was gone.

After sliding off a roof, breaking his collar bone, and hurting both knees, he felt lucky to be alive . . . and terrified about what the future might hold. “I was a drywaller and painter all my life,” he says. “I don’t know anything else.”

Without work, Roger was soon homeless, hungry, and without hope. He endured many miserable days and nights on our city streets before he found his way to Scott Mission.

"Here, there's good food and good people." — Roger

“It’s not fun trying to find food, spending time on the streets . . . especially when it’s cold,” Roger says.

“It’s great what Scott Mission does. If not for this place a lot of people would be suffering.”

Roger has found a community where he can flourish, and it’s because of the compassion and generosity of our supporters.

Roger in front of 346 Spadina Avenue

Roger in front of 346 Spadina Avenue