A Lifetime of Memories

Another Life-Transforming Summer at Scott Mission Camp

Since 1958, Scott Mission Camp in Caledon has shared unforgettable activities and the love of God with children like Chase and his little sister.

Before he arrived, Chase, 11, was pretty sure he wasn't going to like Scott Mission Camp. But ask him today, and his face lights up.

"I love Scott Mission Camp!" Chase says. "There's campfires, a pool, and rock climbing. I went canoeing with my sister, she's eight. I paddled while she fished."

"I love Scott Mission Camp!"

"One of the activities I love is digital photography. The first time I used the camera, I immediately took pictures, around 50."

In addition to taking photos of the camp's beautiful, rustic surroundings, Chase discovered it's good to get away from the city and spend time outdoors. "Staying off electronics for five days is good for you," he says with a smile.

Thank you on behalf of girls and boys like Chase, who might otherwise never have a chance to experience all the fun activities of Christ-centered camp and learn of God's infinite love.

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